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A cross-Canada road trip in two Toyota Tundras from Whitehorse to Toronto in 2022

A cross-Canada road trip in two Toyota Tundras from Whitehorse to Toronto


Would you like to drive a Tundra back from the Yukon? When asked if I wanted to rinse my eyes with vinegar, it wasn't much different from asking if I wanted to do so. But why should I put myself through this?In the meantime, I thought of all that northern scenery in spring, the chance to witness such a massive stretch of Canada we usually only see in segments or magazines.

The 2022 Toyota Tundra pre-production trucks were driven north by Truck King's YouTubers in an attempt to demonstrate the new Tundra is just as tough as the outgoing, second-generation model. Only a few rock chips and cracked windshields from the gravel roads, notably the Dempster Highway, resulted in Truck King surviving the odyssey to the Arctic Ocean.

A week later, I landed in Whitehorse, picked up my 2022 Solar Octane TRD Pro Tundra and 2022 Solar Octane SR5 Crewmax longbox with TRD Off Road options. The next day, I was joined by my friend and colleague Jeff Wilson.

It might be one of the world's most scenic drives: Mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, and wildlife all come together to make this feel like the land that time forgot. We can imagine how the world was before humans arrived and messed it all up. It's just untouched beauty and undisturbed nature for hours after hours - no buildings, no wires, no people. Is it possible to buy a piece of land here?

Published: June 30, 2022