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Support / Maintenance SHERP

1. SHERP Pro winch up

If you get stuck with your SHERP Pro the best way to get it unstuck is to use a winch. The winch with a towing capacity of 5500lbs should be good enough to winch the SHERP Pro from any trouble situations.

Also, we recommend having the anchor in the winching kit. The anchor is compact and folding shouldn’t take a lot of space in your Sherp ATV storage compartment. The anchor is designed to secure the winch cable in cases where there is no natural object to hook your winch cable as trees, stones, etc. The use of an anchor is possible in all cases when there is open ground and you can hook your winch cable to the anchor.

2. Steering unit clutch pack (disks) flushing

Video tutorial. Part 1

Clutch disks flushing. SHERP Pro, SHERP ATV, SHERP Parts

Video tutorial. Part 2

Clutch disks flushing, part 2. SHERP Pro, SHERP ATV, SHERP Parts

We highly recommend to clean your steering unit at least once in every 20-30 hours. It will keep your clutch disks in a good conditions and they last long life cycle. Also, if you feel that you are loosing your turns on SHERP ATV that means it’s a time to clean your steering unit. Watch the following video for more details how to clean your clutch packs on your SHERP Pro unit.