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The all-new SHERP The Ark all-terrain vehicle from the SHERP ATV company continues the successful concept of previous SHERP models based on maximum cross-country ability and reliability, simplicity of design, maintainability in the field.
The unstoppable, aggressive, and functional body design of the SHERP The Ark reflects its personality and sets it apart from other all-terrain vehicles on the market.
The body of the SHERP ATV is made from lightweight aluminum which allows to reduce the overall weight of the SHERP and shift down the center of gravity while adding maneuverability without losing the payload capabilities.
The galvanized frame is not subject to corrosion, which prolongs its service life.

SHERP The Ark is powered by Doosan Tier 4 final engine, which delivers the engine power either to operate the vehicle in difficult conditions or to use additional industrial equipment. The maximum speed of the SHERP The Ark is up to 35 km/h, gradeability up to 40 degrees. SHERP The Ark is designed to cover any type of terrain.
SHERP The Ark is equipped with a pneumatic circulation suspension, which delivers smooth and balanced drive on any type of terrain.
SHERP The Ark run on special 62 inches ultra low-pressure tires with a maximum tire pressure of 3 PSI.
SHERP The Ark is fully amphibious and floats well even when fully loaded. The huge 62 inches tires help the SHERP ATV to float through the water, and a fully sealed body prevents water from leaking to the inside compartment of the SHERP.
A separate wheel inflation system allows you to control the tire pressure on the front and rear sections of the SHERP independently.
In case of a tire air leakage, you can disconnect the air leaking wheel from the pneumatic circulation system and continue driving.

Another unique feature of the SHERP The Ark is the tri-axis articulated system between front and rear compartments. The front and rear compartments can rotate, turn, raise and lower between each other. It brings the obstacles overcoming to another level. Even when passing the rough terrain you feel comfy in the cabin of the SHERP The Ark.

SHERP The Ark is designed to pass the following terrains:
- Hard surfaces (grassland, bush, rocks, gravel),
- Soft surfaces (sand, swamp, dunes, salt lakes)
- Water (lakes, rivers, snow, ice, including access from water to ice and back to ice, sea, ocean)
The transfer case on the SHERP The Ark allows you to significantly increase the torque force onto the wheels when needed. The design of the SHERP ATV and its features make it possible to cross the ditches and trenches up to 2 meters (6 feet) wide and overcome an obstacles up to 1.5 meters high (5 feet), with allowed gradeability up to 40 degrees.

A wide, comfortable, and practical interior room makes the operation of the SHERP comfortable for both the driver and passengers.
A high seating position of the driver and wide windshield provides excellent visibility.
Ergonomic seats provide comfortable accommodation even for a tall person.
A well-read dashboard and a shifter knob are located close to the steering wheel making it possible to move efficiently and comfortably on the SHERP ATV even in the most difficult conditions.

- 10x10 drivetrain,
- 0.9 to 2.1 lb ground pressure,
- 40 degrees incline and decline and 30 degrees tilt gradeability,
- 35 km/h (18.6 MPH) on land, and 6 km/h (3.67 MPH) in water,
- 3500 Kg (7,5000 lbs) payload,
- Up to 22 passengers based on configuration,
- Doosan D24 engine, 2 to 3.2 GPH fuel consumption (82 hrs),
- 250 hour service interval,
- Working temperatures: -50 C below zero up to + 40 C (-58 to +104 F)