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SHERP ATV Pro model is one of the simplest and most elegant in design all-terrain vehicles. The Kubota 1.5 litre engine (44 hp) is connected to a mechanical 6-speed transmission and then connected to the Clutch friction mechanism which transmits the torque to the wheel hubs through the chains.

And that's it!

No transfer case, no heavy axles, universal joints, differentials, and as a result you get a dry weight of 1500 kg for the SHERP Pro model

Pneumo-circulation suspension is also the SHERP ATV signature feature. The idea of pneumo-circulation suspension is that all the wheels of the SHERP Pro are interconnected by a pipeline. When the wheel hits an obstacle, the air quickly “flows” inside the pipeline system, damping the impact of an obstacle. This solution allows you to move over obstacles up to 2 feet high.

The SHERP ATV's huge 62 inches tires combined with a short
80 inches wheelbase will get you covered on any type of terrain, even on the water. Yes the SHERP ATV is a fully amphibious ATV. The SHERP ATV is probably the only wheeled ATV that can get out of the water onto the ice.

The SHERP ATV wheels have the in-cabin regulated inflation/deflation system. The inflation system of the SHERP Pro ATV inflates the tires just in 30 seconds. It's about 3200 litres of air per minute!

The Japanese Kubota V1505-T
turbodiesel engine with 1500 cubic cm displacement is installed on the SHERP Pro model. The engine provides a torque of 120 Nm. Japanese turbodiesel uses only 3-4 litres of fuel per hour. Also, the SHERP Pro model is equipped with the main tank for 58 litres, and 4 additional auxiliary fuel tanks located in each wheel rim for an additional 55 litre per tank, so the fuel supply can be increased up to 220 litres!

The maximum speed of the SHERP Pro ATV on the ground is up
to 40 km/h (25 mph). On the water up to 6 km/h. The runtime of the SHERP Pro
ATV is up to 70 hours.

The SHERP ATV has good sound isolation, the interior is sheathed
with high-quality CORDURA fabric.

The cabin for 2 people is equipped with seat belts. In the
cab, you can organize two full comfortable beds. The maximum passenger capacity
is 6 people with optional extra seats. The SHERP Pro payload is 1000 kg (2200lbs).

SHERP ATV is a curious concept of a comfortable, durable and
unstoppable all-terrain vehicle that will fit your needs either for
recreational or truly serious expeditions or big industrial projects.