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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is SHERP ATV?

Typically, a SHERP ATV costs somewhere between $90,000 to $125,000 US dollars depending on options and condition.

Is a SHERP ATV street or road legal?

The simple answer is NOT. SHERP ATV is not legal on public streets and roads. SHERP ATV is non-road (off-road) vehicle. But state to state, province to province the regulations may differ, so contact your state or province road and transport department to check with them all details.

Can a SHERP get stuck?

In most scenarios, SHERP ATV can easily pass any type of terrain without getting stuck. But don’t think that
it’s impossible for SHERP ATV to stuck. There are numerous circumstances when SHERP
potentially can get stuck. For example quicksand or high centring tracks. Be smart to skip the potentially risky spots on the track. Always keep in your SHERP ATV a winch kit to be able to winch you out if you get stuck.

Where is SHERP ATV manufactured?

The SHERP ATV is manufactured in St. Petersburg, Russia, and Kyiv in Ukraine.

What is the top speed of a SHERP?

The top ground speed of the SHERP Pro model is 40km/h or 25 mph, and 6km/h or 3mph on the water.

Does a SHERP float?

Yes, SHERP ATV is fully amphibious.

Can a SHERP sink?

The simple answer is no, SHERP Pro theoretically can’t sink. Because of huge 62 inch inflatable tires, you will have about 800 litres (more than 200 gallons) of water displacement per tire, which makes the SHERP Pro almost unsinkable.

What is the SHERP ground clearance?

The SHERP ATV can clear obstacles up to 24 inches high

How steep can a SHERP climb?

the SHERP ATV can dispense with gradients of up to 35°

Can you roll a SHERP over?

Yes you can. SHERP Pro model has a maximum gradeability of 35 degrees and you potentially can roll over the SHERP ATV if you drive the hills and slopes over 35 degrees.