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EZRaider line of all-electric ATVs is a great choice for thrill seekers as well as special forces

EZRaider line of all-electric ATVs is a great choice for thrill seekers as well as special forces.


ATVs or all terrain vehicles are typically loud, bulky vehicles intended to traverse rough terrain. However, in recent years, we have seen a number of unique electric entries into the ATV industry, including the UBCO 2*2, a powerful electric motorbike with a four-wheel drive system, and Honda's own UTV and ATV projects.

However, the EZRaider electric all-terrain vehicles are something I've never seen before.

An Israeli company called DSRaider developed the EZRaider line of ATVs to provide a solution for traversing rough terrain that was previously inaccessible by foot.

Due to the EZRaider's narrow design, it can fit through, around, and over obstacles better than traditional ATVs and 4x4s.

The innovative design of the nimble ATV allows the rider to lean forward and stand in a manner similar to skiing. In addition to folding the car, it can also be stowed in tighter spaces for storage or transportation.

A total of three DSRaider models are currently available, the entry level EZRaider and two high performance models, HD2 and HD4.

The entry level EZRaider comes with two motors rated at 1,200 watts and an included 60V battery with 1.7 kWh. It also features a suspension travel of 50 cm (20 in). Models like this are intended for thrill seekers and weekend adventurers.

These two more powerful models are designed with tactical applications in mind. With the HD2, the frame is larger and more rugged to handle extra abuse, and the battery pack capacity has been increased to 3 kWh.

Each wheel on the HD4 is connected to an independent suspension system, allowing it to move vertically and horizontally independently. A single charge allows it to travel 80 kilometers (50 miles) with its load capacity of 167 kg (370 lbs). It can also carry two riders.

Additionally, the HD4 can reach speeds of 70 km/h (43 mph), though this is likely to be a pavement-only cruising speed.

DSRaider manufactures both ATVs and all-terrain carts to be towed behind the EZRaider line. The carts are available in multiple sizes, including the largest with its own 3 kWh battery and dual 1,200W electric motor, which increases carrying capacity to 250kg (550lbs) while extending range.

Both the outdoor adventure community and military and law enforcement use the ATVs for their powerful performance and quiet operation.

Israel Defense Forces and the US Army have been evaluating the HD4 model, with the US Army recently purchasing the ATV following a successful evaluation.

Reports indicate that at least one EZRaider has already been used in a Middle Eastern raid where it was inserted via helicopter alongside US special forces soldiers and used to cover ground faster on the way to its target.  The Israeli Border Police are also currently using EZRaiders.

According to a source who spoke to Breaking Defense, the ATVs are being used by US law enforcement "above and below." While EZRaider hasn't elaborated on its use by the US government, they did release this photo showing an EZRaider moving along some kind of underground tunnel that may provide more insight.

There will likely be an increase in the use of electric ATVs like these, both for civilian use and by military, police, and first responders.

Automobiles powered by electricity are simply more fun for civilians. It's just more exciting to have fun-mobiles that run on electric power, such as jet skis and UTVs (which we tested out). During your ride, you can hear nature and the wind around you thanks to the instant torque and whisper quiet ride.

A growing number of armed forces are adopting EVs, including Norway, which has recently begun using electric bicycles for border patrols, and Russia, which is using electric motorcycles. The US Army is even exploring the options for electric tanks.

In the military space, we see many armies adopting electric vehicles, such as Norway's use of electric bicycles for patrolling the border and the Russian army's electric motorcycles. The US Army is looking at electric tanks as well.

All vehicles, not just roads, will be powered by EVs in the future.

That's how it should be.

Published: May 10, 2022