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All-purpose utility sleigh built to last under extreme daily use. Equipped with metal strapping, front and rear hitches, solid welded hitch frame, and high-density runners.
$568.00 $750.00 CAD

Part number: st2200

Length without hitch frame 87" (222 cm)
Width 28" (72 cm)
Height 17" (43 cm)
Wall thickness 0.25-0.32" (6-8 mm)
Weight 97 lbs (44 kg)
Capacity 615 L
Available colors:
The product is out of stock,
but can be delivered upon request.


Like all Snow Trail sleighs, ST2200 is made of frost and damage resistant polyethylene with a UV-protected exterior finish. Only new non-recycled material is used to keep the sleds rugged and reliable. Rotationally-molded polyethylene construction allows to eliminate tension points, while reinforced bottom and sidewalls provide the security your cargo needs during hauls over rough terrain. The sleigh is so strong, it carries as much load as your snowmobile can haul.


  • Metal strapping

ST2200 comes equipped with reliable metal strapping. Mounted on the sleigh with long bolts, it allows to secure cargo fast and easy.

  • Solid welded hitch frame

Side-mount hitch frame gives the sleds their ultimate stability both on and off-trail. Designed to handle large and heavy loads, the frame is solid welded for strength.

  • Front and rear hitches

ST2200 has a front rotating hitch and a rear hitch that allow to connect and tow multiple sleighs at a time.

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